I come to move better, look good and feel good.
Great camaraderie, motivational atmosphere and expert coaches.

Nothing better in Cambridge. FCF is why I haven’t totally moved to Germany. Yes really!

Julia B

FCF challenges me to do things I’d never otherwise try (or think of trying).
I love it when I have to stop my lifting because I’m laughing so hard at the banter

This happens a lot!

Mikey 5000

FCF Offers more than a regular gym. Better trainers, more focused groups and excellent planned sessions. The atmosphere is amazing. My experience has been just purely amazing.

Flat out awesome people

Lisa McPoopoo

I tried a regular gym and felt intimidated.
Since joining, I have achieved more than I ever thought possible!

Beating Sebastian every month on the MyZone leader board is very satisfying.


The atmosphere and the trainers are excellent (except for Simon who is a holy mess – hehe).
Great bunch of people work as hard as they can regardless of their ability.

Great banter too!


I bloody love the atmosphere. Encouraging and friendly. It’s what keeps me coming tbh.
I can’t name just 1 thing to recommend about FCF but the coaches are def up there.

Mentally, I feel much better and fitter than I did


FCF has lots of banter and very friendly members. Training here always brings a smile to my face. I’ve seen improvements in my strength and muscle definition.
The best thing is the super hot coaches 😉


I was put off of lifting
weights as I was a bit scared of gym *****rs in vests. I now love it as aren’t permitted at FCF!
The training here is enjoyable, stimulating and great for body and mind.


The atmosphere at FCF is Perfect. Welcoming, supportive, inspiring, hilarious, sociable and addictive.
This is also the longest that I have maintained exercise for. It’s becoming a real habit. My eating habits are slowly getting there too.

Nicola S

FCF offers personal training but with a small group of fun, like-minded people so much less daunting
I joined as a little change from running and honestly thought I would do it for 3 months and then go back to just running again. 3 and a half years later I can’t imagine life without the place!


Every session is different and I love that you get personal input from a trainer in every session.
I have never been so motivated to attend regular gym sessions.
My husband thinks I now have a more shapely butt!!


I am not keen on new social situations and being unfit I was very aware of myself and standing out amongst everyone. However this was not the case, everyone was so
welcoming and motivational
There is no single best thing – the whole experience has been legendary! I have enjoyed every moment of being a member here.


The atmosphere at FCF is fantastic. Whatever mood I arrive in, I’m always smiling and laughing within 5 minutes.
My stand out moment was when my deadlift went from 60kg to 75kg in a matter of weeks!

Tim Robertshaw

Best thing about FCF is not knowing what’s coming in each session”
FCF has a great atmosphere, everyone is friendly and all up for putting in a good session. We always have a good laugh when training.


It’s really is like having a Personal Trainer in every session.
The atmosphere is bloody brilliant! So motivating.
I feel so much calmer and happier after my sessions.


FCF is like a giant family. The banter, camaraderie and support is amazing.
It’s so varied. We do everything from heavy ass lifting to sprints with some mobility work thrown in to keep you in good form.
Fantastic. No other word.


Updating your PBs on the board is so rewarding. I’ve got leaner and I’ve seen a huge improvement in my running fitness.
It can sometimes be a bit surreal – not many gyms have disco lights and a resident dog!


I have always exercised and thought I was working hard but saw very few results. I can’t believe how quickly my body responded to actual training at FCF.
FCF listen to you and what you and your body needs. Nothing is generalised that is why it works. Exercises changed on the spot if something isn’t working for you.